providing the pieces
to complete the
puzzle of life

2029 11th STREET, NW, WASHINGTON DC, 20001

Store Fronts for Students:

  • Our first community engagement project is a 8 week summer youth work program that beautifies the neighborhood while teaching adolescents work and life skills.

  • Students spend the morning cleaning outside of store fronts in the DC area. They receive a $100 per week stipend that will be paid out biweekly for their work.

  • Then they spend their afternoon learning how to prepare for college and life.  Financial literacy classes, personal health classes, and field trips for example, are a part of the students’ afternoon curriculum.



What we want to happen


To Ensure Everybody, Everywhere, Everyday has the Pieces they need to fulfill their Purpose in Life


To Partner People with Proven Programs that Provide the Pieces to complete the Puzzle of Life


Working with Pastor Kevin Hart is very rewarding. Not only is he a Pastor who loves but he is a friend who cares. I have learned how to become more efficient in building ministry and building business under his leadership. He has stretched my mind as well as my gifts. I am better because of this life-long fellowship.

Rufus Reddick III

Kevin Hart is a gifted visionary and communicator. He has a unique gift of seeing the best in people, connecting them with resources to achieve their highest potential.

Pastor Damon Parran
E Church

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